Fertilization Program

* Fertilization is Only Available When Bundled With Our Mowing Service

Give Your Plants The Nutrients They Need

Your lawn is just like you or me, it needs water and nutrients to survive. While most of the time your lawn is self-sufficient, where it’s producing its own nutrients, sometimes you need to step in to give it a little help.


Not to mention, if your goal is to achieve a green, lush lawn that looks beautiful, we highly recommend implementing a consistent fertilization schedule.

Our professional team has been in the field for many years and knows what lawns need to flourish. If you’re noticing pale or patchy spots in your lawn – it’s probably time to implement a fertilization and irrigation schedule.


If it’s time to have your lawn fertilized and properly taken care of, give us a call today (603-765-3917) and we’d be happy to walk you through our process of transforming your property.

3 Reasons You'll Love What We Do

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If the work we do doesn't meet either of our expectations, we'll make sure it gets done correctly the second time for free.

We're On Time

You can count on us to arrive at your property as scheduled, that way there's no confusion going forward.

Trained Team

The team we send to your property is fully trained and licensed to take care of your landscape and irrigation systems.

Why Choose Us

Since 2005, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners in Hudson, Litchfield, Merrimack, and Nashua New Hampshire. And, it goes without saying, that we are extremely grateful to those who have trusted us to work on their landscape.


When you choose us to improve and maintain your landscape, you can count on a friendly, trained crew every single time. Then, when we’re finished, we’ll make sure to double check our work and pick up our gear, tools, and trash before we leave.

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What Your Neighbors Are Saying

Jake Holden, I just read the article on how you & the people who work for you, cleaned up the yard and gardens of a couple in Hudson, NH.

Thank you for the act of random kindness… Even though you tried to keep it a secret… People love to read or hear about acts of random kindness, as it gives us a reminder that there still are good people in this world.

Sally Munson

Hudson, NH

St. Laurent Property Maintenance came over today with the task of clearing out a massive overgrown mess with brush and vines and poison sumac trees. Jake and his crew did an outstanding job and I was so impressed with their dedication and hard work. They went far beyond my expectations… All I can say is WOW! The price was great and I would highly recommend this company. I will absolutely use St. Laurent Property Maintenance again!!

Kim Mclaughlin

Hudson, NH

Honest, reliable, does excellent work. I highly recommend.

Kathleen Connerty

Hudson, NH

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