Fall Aeration and Overseed

Fall Aeration and Overseed

Exactly What You Need To Keep Your Property Looking Great in The Fall!

Aeration is essential for lawns that have a continuous stream of foot-traffic or have recently gone through a prolonged drought. Both of these cause compression within the soil, restricting air, water, and root growth which makes it difficult for your grass to thrive.


Through the process of extracting “cores” throughout the lawn, you alleviate pressure and allow your grass to get the nutrients it needs.


During the Aeration process, we also highly recommend that you consider Overseeding as well. While your lawn is opened up, this is the perfect time to introduce new seeds that can sprout and give your lawn a dense growth a new green grass.

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When is the right time to get Aeration and Overseeding done?


The best time to get these off your todo list is during early Spring or Fall, this gives your grass time to heal and fill in the areas where “cores” were extracted to open up the soil.


In addition to making Aeration and Overseeding a priority in the Fall, there are also a few tell-tale signs that it needs to become a higher priority on your list.


One easy way to test if it’s time to have Aeration done is by conducting the “Screw driver test.” Stick the screw driver head first into your lawn to see if you have any trouble. If there is a good amount of resistance, it’s probably time to have your lawn aerated.


Unsure if it’s time to have Aeration and Overseeding done?


No worries, give us a call today at 603-765-3917 and we’d be happy to come by and conduct a free examination of your lawn to determine if it’s time to have your lawn aerated.

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Since 2005, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners in Hudson, Litchfield, Merrimack, and Nashua New Hampshire. And, it goes without saying, that we are extremely grateful to those who have trusted us to work on their landscape.


When you choose us to improve and maintain your landscape, you can count on a friendly, trained crew every single time. Then, when we’re finished, we’ll make sure to double check our work and pick up our gear, tools, and trash before we leave.

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St. Laurent Property Maintenance has been providing Fall Aeration and Overseeding services to the Hudson, Litchfield, Merrimack, and Nashua area since 2005.

What Your Neighbors Are Saying

Jake Holden, I just read the article on how you & the people who work for you, cleaned up the yard and gardens of a couple in Hudson, NH.

Thank you for the act of random kindness… Even though you tried to keep it a secret… People love to read or hear about acts of random kindness, as it gives us a reminder that there still are good people in this world.

Sally Munson

Hudson, NH

St. Laurent Property Maintenance came over today with the task of clearing out a massive overgrown mess with brush and vines and poison sumac trees. Jake and his crew did an outstanding job and I was so impressed with their dedication and hard work. They went far beyond my expectations… All I can say is WOW! The price was great and I would highly recommend this company. I will absolutely use St. Laurent Property Maintenance again!!

Kim Mclaughlin

Hudson, NH

Honest, reliable, does excellent work. I highly recommend.

Kathleen Connerty

Hudson, NH

Middle of lawn mowing and had some lawn mower issues. Very responsive to phone calls and was finishing my lawn within an hour. Excellent work, lawn looks beautiful! Definitely going to have these guys come for regular maintenance!

Michael B.

Hudson, NH

I’ve known Jake and have worked with St. Laurent Property Maintenance for years. Truly an honest, roll up your sleeves type of owner who wants to insure any project is done to the customer’s satisfaction. This week, while I was out of town on business, a quick call to Jake asking for help with clearing my driveway of snow in a pinch, DONE! A real asset to anyone wanting or needing quality property maintenance.

Karl S.

Hudson, NH

St Laurent Property Maintenance has done a fantastic job keeping my property looking great! They are always prompt in the spring in laying the mulch. Jake and his crew is always professional and a pleasure to do business with.

Jessica P.

Hudson, NH

We have been using Jake and his team at St Laurent Property Maintenance at The Sanctuary on Derry Road in Hudson for several years. His service is punctual for us and any interactions that we have had with his crew members has been very satisfactory. In the event that we need them to address an issue they have been very prompt to do so. I would recommend them freely.

David H.

Hudson, NH

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